World’s Ugliest Animals




I would like you to follow the link below to a collection of the world’s ugliest animals as published by the Mother Nature Network.  Once you are there, please follow these steps:





  1. Explore the 13 different animals in the list.
  2. Choose 1 that is most interesting to you.
  3. Read the information in the article carefully.  Take notes in WORD and cite your source.
  4. Follow any links provided.  Take notes in WORD and cite your source.
  5. Write a blog post with 1 long paragraph or 2 shorter paragraphs about this animal.  Make sure this is done in your own words.
  6. Add images and links back to your sources.
  7. Have a peer review your post.
  8. Publish your post.

Here is the link to the collection:

13 of the Ugliest Animals on the Planet

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on “World’s Ugliest Animals
One Comment on “World’s Ugliest Animals

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