I love finding simple, new and engaging ways to assess students’ learning!

Instead of a formal pencil to paper assessment of my students’ ability to convert fractions, I asked them to create a video tutorial for next year’s students.  They needed to do an example of each conversion, from mixed to improper and improper to mixed.  It had to include a visual step by step along with clear mathematical explanations of what they were doing and the thinking/reasons behind it.  We also talked about the use of lines, shapes, and colors in highlighting the most important information.  Then students were on their own.

For some students this was an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially when they were asked to verbalize their thinking or reasoning behind a step.  However, I think this makes it an even more valuable experience and one that I will repeat often.

Here are a few samples:

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers from Sharon deVries on Vimeo.

Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions from Sharon deVries on Vimeo.