Twin and Triplet Day

Last Friday was Twin and Triplet day, a fundraiser for BC Cancer Society.  Here are a few great pictures from the day:


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Genius Hour

I’ve been reading a lot about Genius Hour and talking to a few colleagues who have either done it or want to do it.  I’m still exploring exactly what it will look like for us but I wanted to have a place to gather ideas and suggestions and anything else that might help.


Cool Tools for School

Questions to Ask Yourself

If anyone has any great resources or ideas, I’d love to hear about them!!


*UPDATED – A few resources for me to check out:


We’ve Gone Country!

Congratulations to Paytyn on her Cutting Competition!  Here are a few shots of her in action:


Stacking Liquids with Density

Did you know there was so much variety in the density of the liquids in your home?


We have had a great time discovering what density is, how it is measured, and why it is important and today was all about having some fun with it.  We read through our lab write up, set up our stations and got to work stacking liquids.


We used 5 different liquids that you could find in most homes.  We colored some of them so that it was easier to see where the different levels met.


Then we carefully measured the different liquids and poured them gently down the side of the beaker one by one.  Sometimes we had to wait a bit for the liquids to settle and separate if we poured a bit too fast.  A few of us found that if you pour the liquids in too fast some of them get trapped under another level and did not fully separate again.  In this case we hypothesized that the liquids were too close in density to push their way past each other again.  Here are a few shots of the action:


When we finished the investigation we sketched the results into our More >

Internet Safety and Privacy Settings


To continue our discussion of online safety and etiquette, here are two links I would like you to explore.

First, I would like you to watch this video from  It is about 4 mins long and there are a few different formats so if your computer won’t play one of them, please try another.  Click here for a link to the video.

Second, I would like you to read through this graphic novel .  You can view it in two different formats so choose the one that works for your computer.

Lastly, when you have done both these things, please write a post on your blog about why Internet safety is important and what students your age can do to protect themselves.

Thank you,

Miss. deVries