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The Delvers have been working on a scientific skills mini-unit and we have been watching, reading about, and doing, a number of experiments to practice our skills and learn about variables.

Today we made our own lava lamps and I was suprised how simple they turned out to be.  I got the idea from Science Bob’s website which has been a great source of inspiration in this unit.  He has a number of experiment ideas and provides a “How it Works” summary for most of them.

First we created three lava lamps in different sized bottles.  We wanted to test to see if the different sized bottles would produce different amounts of blobs.  This experiment we did together as a class and collected a lot of data and observations which we will use to complete our lab write up, including identifying the variables.

Delvers!  I have a prize for the first person who comments on this post with the independant variable (IV), dependant variable (DV) and control variables (CV) from our experiment.

Then it was time to try it out on their own.  This part was more of a science demonstration than an experiment but it was great to hear all the excited observations, suggestions, and ideas that occured during the demo.  Check out “Blobs in a Bottle” for more details on this experiment.

This is a video of Aidan’s lava lamp in action.  You can see the tablet drop through the oil and water and watch the reaction begin.

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This video was created by Deanna to explain the circulatory.  She did a wonderful job!!

This project on the circulatory system was to explain the whole circulatory system. We want you to see this video because it’s great to teach  and fun for students to watch. So have fun watching the video and leave a comment if you  like it.  – written by Dawson

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I found this great poster that shows how our body heals from a cut.  We have been talking about the human body in Science this term and I though you Delvers might find this interesting!

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest


What do you think this poster would like like

for someone with hemophilia?

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We had an amazing presentation from High Touch, High Tech yesterday where we transformed our classroom into a science lab. We became biologists and used curiosity, observations, and experiments to make discoveries and learn something new.  The highlight for everyone was the chance to examine and touch some real animal organs.  We have been working on a huge Human Body unit so it was such a treat to see some examples of the organs we have been studying.

So here is our test for you: 

Can you guess what this organ is? 

* hint: it’s from an animal not a human but we all have one of these

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